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Your Concierge Guru’s Preferred Vendor Program is a unique strategy that connects our clients to a range of different services which we recommend.  These services speak for themselves in quality and the service we as a concierge company thrive on offering.

We accept that we cannot do everything, but we are happy to send our clients to those who can assist us in fulfilling our objective. It might be on services we do not offer, but regardless our expertise and time in this industry has allowed us to become a prominent concierge organization.  Therefore allowing our recommendations and suggestions to help meet your objectives.

Of course, there are always advantages:

  • Since we have developed a personal relationship with our clients, they have faith in the vendors that we recommend.
  • We promote our merchants through blogs, social media, word of mouth, and other means.
  • Your customer portfolio grows as you get access to clients you didn’t previously have.


If you would like to know and learn more about our preferred vendor program, or have any questions, feel free to fill out the following form.


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